Diet volume

DietThe Volume diet whose main feature is being able to eat without having to restrict the quantities contained in a ranking of healthy diets prepared by experts in nutrition and health.
The Volume diet breaks the pattern of many weight loss plans, showing that dieting does not have to be synonymous with starvation. If the volumetric diet had a motto, it would be more satiety with fewer calories, and is a good option for those not content with eating little.

To date no studies and publications that supports the efficacy of the diet volume to follow in the long term. A digital publication of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows several interesting aspects of this regime.
Meanwhile a study by the Department of Nutrition at Pennsylvania State University (USA), showed good results after carrying out a group of women to a diet. The first group performed a diet with low fat intake, and the second a diet rich in foods with water in its composition and low-fat, dairy, fruits, vegetables and soups. After a year, who followed a diet based on the Volumetric diet, weight loss had a higher, more adequate and moderate.

The Volume diet can curb your appetite and meet the daily nutritional requirements. This is worth the taste, texture; form preparation and combination of certain foods increase satiety and stimulate the weight loss.

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