Diet Pronokal Method

Pronokal methodThe method is a treatment weight loss based on a protein diet. That is getting the weight loss by reducing fat and sugar, but keeps the right amount of protein that the body needs to perform its vital functions.
This method was created in 1971 and was approved in 1973. Since then they have treated more than 30 million patients worldwide with this custom method of weight loss under medical supervision.

is a completely natural, no additives or harmful substances. Its components are 100% vegetable protein. Allows only lose localized fat more, respecting the percentages of body water and muscle tissue. This prevents the effects classic “yo-yo” diets and other “sagging” of the tissues.

The method is intended to correct cases from a slight overweight to severely obese. The benefits of the method at the metabolic level are important, even for conditions arising as cholesterol and hypertension.

In small weight loss is an outstanding result, as it aims directly the fat as an energy source, without affecting muscle mass, which can not be ruled in beauty treatments for people without serious weight problems.

Pronokal is a personalized program with a constant medical supervision, which also includes the contribution of vitamin supplements to prevent deficiency states.

The action plan of short-term Pronokal offers immediate results and long-term benefits.

The main advantages of the method Pronokal are: rapid weight loss, lack of hunger, welfare, less sagging skin, among others.

The main objectives of the method Pronokal are: weight loss effective and safe as well as maintaining the results.

The method Pronokal medically controlled side effects. It is based on scientific protocols other than those of other protein diets. With Pronokal fat burning does not affect the muscle. The body becomes limp. The high quality of proteins that are made, designed to protect the muscle, optimizes body contouring and achieves an effect liposuction.

How does the method Pronokal?

Pronokal method is divided into three stages:

1) Thinning or Active Phase

The duration of this stage varies according to weight loss is required. This phase removes up to 80% overweight, thanks to the combination of products PronoKal, allowed foods.

2) Rehabilitation Phase Transition food or

In this second phase is lost while the remaining weight is introduced into the diet every type of food. Something very important is adopting new dietary habits that help maintain weight loss. For this is supported by a team of nutritionists to help people achieve that goal.

3) The stabilization phase

Is the equilibrium phase food which ensures long-term stabilization.

Physical activity is also part of Pronokal method. This method creates a specific program morphology, overweight and age. There is evidence that physical activity brings benefits to the body beyond its effects on obesity and cardiovascular system.

Pronokal treatment can not be done by those under 16 years and not over 65.

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