Diet for high cholesterol and hypertension

Diet for high cholesterolDiet for Hypertension and high cholesterol, threatening cardiovascular health. However, this situation can be countered through food, developing a special diet containing an adequate selection of food.
Below is a selection of foods to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. The food selection allows you to build your own menu, by knowing what foods may or may not eat to lower high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Selection of foods to lower high cholesterol and hypertension.
• skim milk and yogurt.
• Cheese spreads or firm, reduced fat and sodium. Avoid large or hard cheeses ripening; they contain lots of fat and sodium.
• Eggs: whole no more than 3 times a week. Egg every day.
• Meat: fish, chicken without skin or fat, beef or the like, visible fat.
• Vegetables: preferably raw. Choose those containing high potassium content such as tomatoes, spinach, squash, carrots, beets.
• Fruits: All preferably raw and shell. Citrus fruits generally contain a high content of potassium, which is a natural lowering blood pressure.
• Whole Grains.
• Dried fruits. You can have a bunch in between meals or snacks. They contain a high percentage of fiber and are low in sodium.
• Legumes such as lentils, soybeans and peas white, help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
• Bread and biscuits: should avoid because they are high in fat and some have a high percentage of sodium (excess mineral that increases blood pressure).
• Drinks: red wine, no more than 1 drink daily for women and 2 men. Tap water or mineral, fresh fruit juices. Avoid juice concentrates (some contain sodium as preservatives or additives). Diet soft drinks.
• Infusions: There are teas that can help lower cholesterol and control hypertension.
• Condiments: Herbs are very useful for flavor without salt. If allowed to salt their food, do it once you are ready, not while the kitchens. This prevents the food from absorbing the sodium salt.

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