Daily Weight Lose Diet

Daily Weight LoseThe Daily Weight Lose Diet is mainly based on the person have to consume all food but not to mix them for six days. This means that during these six days the person may consume all the nutrients the body needs but in no way mixed with each other. In this period it is estimated that stands to lose two to three kilos.
This diet is characterized by almost entirely excluded the fat (you can only eat a tablespoon of oil a day), products containing carbohydrates (such as corn, lentils, beans etc., You can only eat two slices of bread per day) and fruits high in sugar content (including bananas, grapes, nuts and figs). It also prohibits the consumption of alcohol.

Its characteristics make it necessary to emphasize that this diet is not suitable for people with diabetes or who have or have problems with urea metabolism.

The diet is structured as follows.

The first day of the diet, ideally a Monday, you can only eat protein. This means that during this day will only consume meat (either beef or poultry) and accompany them with 200 grams of vegetables and one fruit.
The second day of diet (Tuesday) you can only eat eggs. These can be served with boiled or steamed vegetables and fruit.
The third day (Wednesday) only consume dairy products, ie, you can drink milk (preferably low fat) and its derivatives such as cheese (low fat) yogurt. This can be served with rice or mashed potatoes. This is the only day you can eat foods that contain carbohydrates, but only rice or potatoes. Do not consume fruits on this day.
The fourth day (Thursday) will only eat vegetables that were matched with Essential cheese. Vegetables can be eaten boiled or steamed. On this day does not consume any fruit.
The fifth day (Friday) should be eaten as an accompaniment only fish and boiled or steamed vegetables and fruit.
And finally, the sixth day of the diet, on Saturday, will eat only fruits and vegetables. On this day can not eat any other food.
So much for the daily diet. The seventh day is Sunday, you can eat whatever you want as long as no abuse in the amounts or portion sizes. Note that the confidentiality of any diet is to make the steps and instructions strictly. And to achieve that weight loss may not recover quickly, it is important to maintain a steady diet in which no abuse of fats, carbohydrates and above all, moderate portions that are served, without neglecting the consumption of nutrients for the body to function optimally. The daily diet is a good start for achieving weight loss but as mentioned above, should not be performed for more than six days.

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