Colors fruits diet

color fruits,color fruits dietColors Fruits Diet is a curious diet that has been very successful especially in the U.S., where in places like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Disease, the menus are prepared according to the colors.
According to the diet of the colors, they not only make the food look more beautiful, fun and appetizing on the plate, but the key to a healthy diet, because by consuming fruits, vegetables and fresh vegetables of different colors, is guaranteed food intake of low calorie and high amounts of micro nutrients vitamins, minerals, fiber and physio chemical, and significantly reduces the risk of developing certain cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes, among others.

For this reason, more and more nutritionists around the world are recommending incorporate foods of different colors in the daily diet.

The diet of the colors is based on the pigments responsible for coloring a food, have a beneficial effect on health and specific, so when you eat five colors a day, we guarantee comfort and protection to our body.
Food by color
The diet of colors combines the properties of foods according to their color.
For example, foods containing pink and purple ratiocinate, powerful antioxidants such as restorative, which helps to delay aging and oxidation processes neutralize free radicals caused by it.

The food of red and orange are rich in carotene, plant pigments that help skin health, protect against free radicals produced by the sun and help eliminate toxins. Red foods are rich in compendium and reduced risk of cancer and circulatory problems such.

Green foods help prevent cholesterol, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and prevent constipation. Contain congratulates and their high content of lute in, are beneficial for our eyes.

The white foods, which include cabbage, onion, garlic, leeks, pears. Contain dilly sulfide (enemy of carcinogens). These foods help to lower bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system.

• Blue: They help the heart and prevent cancer, these include: eggplant, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, raisins, prunes and dried normal.

• Green foods: broccoli, peas, kiwi, spinach, lettuce, green apples, cabbage.

• White Food: turnips, onions, garlic, leeks, collector.

• Red Food: among them are: cherries, strawberries or strawberry, tomatoes, kidney beans, red onions, red cabbage, watermelon, grapefruit and apple red.

• Food yellow or orange: Helps maintain strong bones and teeth, healthy skin and good vision, including: mango, peach, orange, sweet potato, cantaloupe, carrots, mandarin oranges, pumpkin, pears, orange, pineapple, papaya.

Diet sample menu of colors

This is an example of combining the five servings of vegetables and fruits, including all color groups during the day.

• Breakfast: 3/4 cup orange juice (yellow), milk and cereal

• Snack: 1/2 cup grapes (blue-purple)

• Lunch: Chicken Low fat, rice, green salad with tomatoes and onions (green, red and white)

• Snack: A liquid skim milk with papaya (yellow)

• Dinner: Grilled fish, eggplant and carrot curry with onion, tomato and garlic (2 servings of white, red and yellow), bread or tortilla, fruit for dessert.

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