British Singer Adele Diet

Adele has won five in a single year grams and has already sold 4.14 million copies in the UK, making it the seventh biggest selling album in history!

In such a short time, Adele was able to win with his beautiful voice to the entire planet.

Due to some health problems last year the singer stopped smoking and started a personal training and Pilate’s sessions 3 times per week.

Some whisper that became a liposuction on the face and abdomen, but has categorically denied.
Adele’s challenge is twofold: On one hand you want to lose 2 sizes by summer and staying true to his post to accept a realistic physical ideal of beauty for women.

Diet Adele

Freshly squeezed orange juice. Shake pan-2 whites with mushrooms and spices. 1 slice of bread. Coffee with sweetener.
1 piece of fruit
150 g of grilled fish. Salad of mixed vegetables. 1 dessert fat.
Skim latte with sweetener. 2 slices of toast with cheese and jam light. 1 piece of fruit.
1 piece of baked chicken without skin. Steamed vegetables (half plate). Infusion.

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