Biliary Protection Lose Weight Diet

Biliary protection ,dietBiliary protection lose weight diet is indicated in patients with biliary colic or after gallbladder surgery. This diet is to prevent the symptoms of colic gallbladder and biliary dyspepsia, however, does not prevent calculus formation.

Biliary protection diet is recommended: Eat slowly and chew well, avoid fats in all its forms, eat in small quantities, avoid foods that cause gas and avoid constipation.

Recommended types of cooking food preparation are built low-fat, not fried, not to heat the fat above 100 ° C; raw, boiled, steam irons,wrapped in waxed paper or aluminum.

Recommended Foods:

• Skim milk in small amounts and gradually increasing.
• Teas and soft hot tea and chamomile.
• porridge or soup: very cooked porridge of oatmeal, lentils, corn, etc.. Soup cooked vegetable broth, tapioca, pasta, soft rice, Italian pasta.
• purees and pastes: Mashed potatoes, cooked with water, baked, mashed cooked dried beans too passed through the sieve, noodles, macaroni, mashed potatoes, etc..
• Meats: chicken, skinless chicken or pigeon, boiled, grilled or roasted, tender and divided into small pieces. Veal, rabbit or mutton, boiled, grilled, roasted, tender and divided into small pieces.
• lean ham, slightly salty or sweet.
• Fish: White fish, hake, whiting, sole, etc.., Boiled in water, seasoned with a little oil and lemon, grilled or lightly coated with a layer of pasta.
• Dessert: Applesauce, pudding, jam, fruit juice, apples, raw or cooked fruit.
• Bread and cookies: Cookies toasted white bread in small quantities, dry pasta, bread or cake pan.

Fatty foods to avoid:

• Cacao (chocolate).
• The cheese contain fat and are therefore discouraged.
• Fatty meats such as lamb, pork, sausages all, brains.
• Fish and seafood: blue fish or fatty fish (10-12% fat) is not recommended. The seafood is low in fat but is not recommended.
• Eggs (6% fat). The fat is in the yolk and is strongly discouraged.
• Oil of frying, vegetable margarines and butters.
• Dried fruit acids (50% fat) are discouraged.
• Also avoid: alcohol (strong wines and spirits), snuff, sauces, spices and peppers.

When you take a few weeks without symptoms may try other new foods or cooking, always very cautiously and slowly.

Diet after surgery

Removal of the gallbladder, is usually performed because repeated biliary colic occur and the presence of stones within. The diet after surgery is as follows:

• Starting fluid intake at 24 hours.
• If tolerated, after 48 hours, bile semiliquid diet low in fat (half portion).
• After 72 hours, bland diet bladder (half portion).
• Diet follows: bladder bland diet.
• If the tolerance is good will continue with the diet of bladder protection in moderate volumes for 6-9 months.

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