Beverly Hills Diet

Hills DietThe plan three weeks of the Beverly Hills diet. Remember to consult with your doctor before starting this or any other diet and to weigh the pros and cons of the system you choose to lose weight.
FIRST WEEK, Beverly Hills Diet
• Monday: Morning and afternoon: pineapple. On the night: 2 bananas (bananas).

• Tuesday: Morning and afternoon: pear or melon. At night, mango or melon.
• Wednesday: Morning: pear or melon. At noon and night: pineapple.
• Thursday: Morning, noon and night: melon, watermelon or strawberries.
• Friday: Breakfast: 2 bananas (bananas) Lunch: 250 g. dried apricots, and at night: grapes.
• Saturday: Breakfast: 250 g. of almonds Lunch: strawberries, in the night: 2 bananas or bananas.
• Sunday: melon or apple in the three meals.
SECOND WEEK, Beverly Hills Diet
• Monday: Morning: 250 gr. of almonds Lunch: strawberries, in the night: 250 gr. grapes.
• Tuesday: grapes at every meal.
• Wednesday: grapes at every meal.
• Thursday: Breakfast: 200 g. of bread; Lunch: vegetable soup Dinner: 2 corn (corn).
• Friday: Pineapple for breakfast and lunch, salad vegetables and rice at night.
• Saturday: Apples for breakfast and lunch, baked potatoes with 2 tablespoons of butter in the evening.
• Sunday: Mango and melon for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
THIRD WEEK, Beverly Hills Diet
• Repeat the plan of the second week, to keep pace with weight loss.

The only changes allowed are replacing the grapes (in the days you play) on the other fruit you want in the morning and at noon, and evening dinner a dish of vegetables and lean meats.

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