American President Bill Clinton Diet

Former American president changing their diet and recommending others to start a healthy lifestyle, after a cardiovascular event where they placed a spent in an artery of the heart.

The obstruction of the veins and arteries is due to cholesterol that accumulates in the walls to obstruct or leave very little room to circulate the blood; this creates very many associated problems.

Clinton joined the movement of Drs. Cleveland Esselstyne Caldwell and Dean Ornish in California, this movement promotes and teaches people to reverse heart disease using a plant-based diet and seeds, no dairy or meat.

Diet recipes

Shakes herbs: Spirulina, Shou Chinese herb, Boku Super food.
Protein shakes
Almond milk with fruit
No sugar or salt.

Physical training

10 hours per week of martial arts. Weights and Cardiod 3 times a week.
He says that this dietary change has changed the metabolism, lost weight 15 kilos, has gained muscle mass, he is active and healthy. It is also cleaning the walls of your arteries.

Bill Clinton seems to have taken a courageous decision to follow a plant-based diet and thereby save his own life.
Note that this measure would have been impossible during his presidency probably a strong political reaction from the dairy and meat industry.

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