A Diet But has many special help.

A Diet The method is not a diet without protein shakes to replace meals help you lose weight because they are effective in controlling anxiety attacks and can be used by anyone even to replace junk food.

Dr. Salomon recommends a long list of doctors around the world that can support even for simplicity, Not A Diet But you can go without medical supervision.

Method Example Not a Diet: breakfast
Breakfast should start no more than 30 minutes after waking
The method emphasizes Not A Diet But much the importance of a hearty breakfast, determining that one should eat to be more than satisfied and if in the afternoon feels anxiety attacks, this means it has little breakfast.

At breakfast you can eat more without any problem of the minimum recommended protein but do not eat unless they have without feeling hungry.

A glass of malted Not Over Diet Vanilla, prepared with ¾ of a glass of skim milk powder 4 tablespoons malted Diet Not more and 4 ice cubes.

The minimum could be breakfast toast with 3 slices of cheese and 3 slices of turkey. It could also include scrambled eggs or tuna. The tuna should be natural and you can garnish with 1 teaspoon light mayonnaise and pepper to taste.

You can accompany your breakfast coffee with skim milk and / or iced tea, you must sweeten your drinks with Splenda.

Example of a Diet But neither method: SNACK IN THE MORNING
A handful of peanuts or cashews.

Method Example Not a Diet Plus: LUNCH
Grilled Steak or grilled with broccoli gratin with parmesan cheese (remember that broccoli should seasoned with a little salt, pepper and cheese to taste).
Dessert: one serving of sugar-free gelatin flavor of your choice
Diet soda or sugar free flavored drinks

Example of a Diet But neither method: SNACK IN THE AFTERNOON
2 slices of turkey ham with a teaspoon of sugar free strawberry jam and a chocolate prize of milk or dark sugar free.

Example of a Diet But neither method: DINNER
Chicken and vegetable soup (remember that potatoes and corn are not good for weight loss) and a milkshake But Not A Diet Chocolate: ¾ of a glass of skim milk or water, 4 tablespoons of powdered milk shake more and not Diet 4 ice cubes.

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